Welcome to The Etheric Apothecary

The space of the Great Plant Mystress of old, Lemurian and Atlantean in lineage.

The holder of the etheric holographic templates of every plant, shrub, flower & tree. Every rock, stone and crystal.

The custodian of the Earth’s mysteries.

The keeper of the essence of each plant deva & stone person.

Each offering made in this ancient realm comes from the very heart of the matter.

The soul sacredness pulses through them, imbued with the source codes of life within the plant kingdom and in the many sacred forms of the earth.

Through these powerful energetics we weave essences from the bounty of blessed Gaia, we draw forth energy healing held in the arms of nature.

What is an essence?

An essence is the extract of the plant, flower, tree or stone person, we perceive it as the purest aspect of each living form we craft essences from. The source of its life force.

Each essence is used to support you on an emotional level as you navigate your everyday struggles, offering support on an emotional level.

Each essence holds its own mysteries which can be unlocked as you journey deeper into connection with it. They work with you in an entirely unique way aiding you to transmute negative traits & patterns to their more positive aspects.

An essence is taken internally on the tongue or diluted in a glass of water. Our recommended dosage is 1-3 drops per day. These are stock bottles, not dosage, so are stronger hence a smaller quantity to be taken.

Not to be taken by children or pregnant women.

We also bring forth teachings of old, guided meditation, activation & path working to bless your spiritual practice with as you expand deeper into the self.

This space is a portal to growth, to deep journeying into the self.

A space of relearning our symbiotic relationship with all life.

A remembrance of our connection to the tools all around us that offer to support our journey through our earthen walk.

Journey deeper

Etheric Womb Healing