Enter the realm of the Etheric Womb

A portal to deep inner gnosis & self healing.

Within this space you will be initiated into the sacred gateways of your Etheric Womb, a space within us all that can be accessed through our own intentions to know ourselves more deeply and connect with the layers of ourself we often hide away.

This journey will take you deep into the embrace of the Goddess in her many forms, will introduce you to the plant and crystal elders that wish to support this most intimate work and guide you to a place where you will reconnect with all that you are, all that you have been and all that you will be.

The Divine Mothers step forward to hold this training, the 7 stars mothers of the inner cosmic cauldron held in the constellation of the Pleiades. This beautiful force brings the wisdom of birthing your reality back to our Earthen templates partnered with the ancient plant medicine of our dear planet we will journey into the etheric gateways of the womb-space reactivating, clearing and reigniting our passionate purpose.

Alongside these mighty star weavers and plant elders steps forth the womb maidens of old, the origins of the divine feminine light in all her guises and emanations. We will be held in the embrace of the Divine Sophia, Seraphina, Lilith, Mother Mary, The Goddess Brighid, Hathor, Isis, Venus-Inanna, Rhiannon and dear Mary Magdalene together they will guide us as we reignite our etheric womb-space and reclaim all layers of our divine soul identity.

This celestial womb-space resides within all beings, the wisdom of your soul line and the connection point of all that you set out to be before you took your first breath in this lifetime.

Rachael will teach you the way of the womb, the cosmic connection to all that is.

You will learn to harness your cauldron magicks carefully partnered with plant, flower and tree elder medicine and ground each gateway into the present so it can serve the flow of your soul.

You will journey through the gateways within your sacral space, clearing, activating, harnessing, manifesting, unlocking and activating all you are meant to be. Earth’s medicine will enable you to soften into the process and make space for all that you are and all that you have forgotten to rise to the surface once more.

What's included:

10 in-depth audio modules guiding you step-by-step through the etheric gateways of the womb.

10 essences to support this transition.

A combination of guided journeys, healing practices and activations to unlock the keys & codes within your soul body.

Email support every step of the way.

Optional Extras: Soul Mentoring & 1-2-1 Distant Etheric Womb Healing Session with Rachael

Energetic Exchange

UK Prices

£277 in full

2 payments of £138.50

6 months of £46.16

10 month payment plan £27.70

Includes Etheric Womb Essence Collection.

Optional Extras:
Distance Etheric Womb Healing £44
1 Hour Soul Mentoring Session (virtual) £44

International Prices

£300 in full

2 payments of £150

6 months of £50

10 month payment plan £30

Includes Etheric Womb Essence Collection.

Optional Extras:
Distance Etheric Womb Healing £44
1 Hour Soul Mentoring Session (virtual) £44

Etheric Offerings

etheric womb essence collection

Etheric Womb Essence Collection

The Etheric Apothecary

The Etheric Apothecary

etheric womb playlist

Etheric Womb Playlist

Prayer to the Sacred Waters

Take me to the waters
Draw me deep within
Let the mystics magic
Embed in

Allow my sacred wombspace
Activate my light
The mysteries of ocean medicine
Readying to take flight

Take me deep into the waters
Draw me deeper within
Let my mystic magic
Illuminate & begin

Open to the waters
Allow the Etheric to fill each space with grace
Honouring the secrets
That enlighten my earthen face

Open to the waters
Dive deeper in
Accept my soul remembrances
Unfurling, releasing all ancestral sin

Bathe me in the waters
Reactivate my light
As my soul remembers
As she draws back her might

Bathe me in my soul’s truth
Bathe, illuminate, ignite
Accepting all my worries
Releasing, clearing
Taking flight

Honouring my inner waters
My deepest knowing
My soul insights
Breathing back each embodiment
Of my radiant inner light.

"Your vessel is sacred, this process is sacred and each step is a living prayer to your being."