Welcome to Soul Mentoring

In The Temple of Light we offer Soul Mentoring to help anyone who feels like they need guidance along their path.

We offer this bespoke service as each soul is unique, as each being coming into incarnation seeks to deepen within their earthly walk and learn the lessons they have vowed to from lifetime to lifetime.

We step forth to hold space for you, to help you take charge of your own soul growth and guide you towards liberation across all layers of your being.

In these sessions, we offer insights and guidance which will help you make true changes in your life.

We meet you where you are.

We guide you through multidimensional healing so you may release the past and liberate the future.

The possibilities are endless as you are a unique soul.

If you want to release and transform and are readying to step into your full soul blueprint, then we are the intuitive soul guides for you.

Are you ready to evolve and expand?

Are you ready to step into your truth?

Do you seek clarity for your journey ahead?

What soul truths are rising for you?

Do specific patterns keep repeating?

What areas do you need to take action on?

We lovingly hold sacred space around you so that you can open your heart and reveal your truth in the moment.

Uncovering the pathway to yourself.

Come with us on a journey to your soul’s calling and reveal what you most need to know to move forward in your life.

These sessions are held via Zoom and once booked we will be in touch directly with you to arrange a convenient time and date.

What to expect during a Soul Mentoring session?

You will work with both Helen & Rachael

You will be deeply held in sacred space

All sessions are held via Zoom

Duration is 90 minutes

You will receive a recording of your session within 48 hours to keep

Your session may include: channelled guidance, self-healing, activations, meditations, soul retrieval, past-life work, ancestral healing, inner child healing, chakra balancing and much more.

What is the energetic exchange for a Soul Mentoring session?

Soul Mentoring

One-off session £88
These sessions are held live via Zoom.

Soul Mentoring Package

3 months for £220
These sessions are held live via Zoom.