Welcome to The Sanctuary Sessions

An alchemical fusion of soul and sound healing offered in collaboration with Helen & Rachael.

A merger between heaven and earth.

A space of deep holding.

A space to intentionally heal.

A space to receive that which is most aligned for you in that moment.

Sound healing can be experienced in many ways and within our temple we like to integrate this medicine through many different channels. As you float on these celestial sound waves you will experience crystalline singing bowls, elemental chimes and drums to name but a few. You will experience multi-faceted sacred toning and ethereal light language transmissions.

Alongside the waves of sound you will also receive intentional healing which draws on many and varied modalities that are anchored into the guardians of The Temple of Light. In each session you will receive a bespoke healing to support and inform you of where you are on your path moving forth.

These sessions will harness the flow of the seasons and lunar rhythms, as well as powerful breath-work, herbal medicine from our apothecary, divination and self-inquiry.

Please know that these sessions are held in the form of a small and intimate gathering of only five, so that each individual gets our devoted time and attention. The Sanctuary Sessions are a place for you to surrender, relax and allow the magick of the soul and sound to weave through your body.

When attended often, these sessions can help to improve our immunity, sleep, ease depression, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and enhance our mental and emotional bodies.

In our temple you will receive beautiful soulful connection, friendship and support from like-minded souls and be held in a space filled with unconditional love, acceptance and grace.


The Sanctuary Sessions - Friday 28th June

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Please note that sound therapy is not advisable if you are pregnant, if you have epilepsy or a pacemaker.

Before attending please make us aware, via the health form, if you have ever suffered with a seizure or are hypersensitive to sound.

Please note that if you have any metal plates or implants in the body, these can sometimes be felt, though not necessarily and it may not affect your experience in any way. It is also advised to remove any hearing aids before the sound transmission begins.