Welcome to the Goddess Sessions

Held within the embrace of The Temple of Light, these Goddess Sessions offer 90 minutes of soul nourishing practices intuitively aligned to the moon cycles and the wheel of the year.

Cocooned in the light of the Goddess Consciousness, Helen will draw on the many modalities and systems she is trained in to weave a sacred space for you to be nurtured and held.

As a Priestess of the Goddess she will channel the most aligned sequences of somatic movement, breathwork, sound medicine and healing grace that is needed to serve your soul nurturance.

Each week will be different although an overarching theme may present for each cycle.

We will dive deep into self-inquiry and practice the art of ritual and divination.

As you feel into this offering the Goddess steps forward and speaks to the part of you that needs to be healed and held.


“It is time to remember & know your worth.

It is time to reclaim your soul sovereignty.

It is time to rise into your fullest expression.”


In the embrace of each Goddess Session you will come to know yourself and accept yourself wholeheartedly.

You will begin to ignite the confidence within to allow your voice to be heard and live unapologetically as YOU.

You will begin to remember that the Goddess lives and breathes within every cell of your being.

She is the earth, the moon, the stars and all of nature around.

She is not separate from you.

You are her.

You are a Goddess.

As you open to this possibility, know that through your connection to the Divine Feminine you will be brought back into connection with all that you are.

The Goddess offers you sanctuary from the noise of the modern world.

The Goddess offers you healing and invites you to simply receive.

The Goddess offers you a home within the hearth of yourself to allow you to come back into balance.

Within this space you will be held in the warm embrace of unconditional love and sacred sisterhood.

The spiral path is waiting.

Will you step forth and embark upon this powerful journey of soul remembrance?

The Goddess Sessions


All of our sessions are held at The Temple of Light Studio in Great Hatfield (East Yorkshire).

These sessions are held in small groups of five, so that each soul can receive devoted time and attention from Helen.


Please note that mats are available to use, along with meditation cushions, eye pillows and blankets.
You will need to bring a journal and pen to each session.

Goddess Sessions Timetable

PLEASE NOTE: Before attending a class you are required to complete and submit a short questionnaire about your current health – please visit the Health Form page to complete the form.

You do not have to complete the form before booking, only before attending a session.

REFUND POLICY: Please note that no sessions can be refunded or transferred with less than 24 hours notice.

"One of the most powerful forces in the world is a woman who knows her worth." ~ Kirsty Gallagher