February Love Note

I hope this love note finds you well.

You have been in my thoughts a lot this week and I look forward to the times that we can be together again.

The first day of February is upon us bringing with it another turn of the wheel. Today we welcome the cross quarter festival of Imbolc. This day of beautiful Goddess Brighid is perfectly aligned between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, the mid-point where the awakening slowly begins.

There is a stirring underfoot, snowdrops are gently making their presence known, the birds are becoming more vocal and you can feel the arrival of Spring is not far away. This time of year always excites me and I can feel a tingling within my cells as the heartbeat of Gaia begins to thrum that little bit louder and the light slowly returns.

Even though these times we find ourselves in feel constricting there is still much we can awaken within us, preparing for the day when we too can be reborn. After the year we have endured I know that we will all rise more rooted and more stronger than ever before.

Times are changing and with it I feel a deep change within me. As the wheel slowly keeps turning I will look forward to the time when I can share my hearts calling with you. For now I am allowing all that has happened over this past year to marinate.

These cold winter months give space for us all to do just that. To sit with everything we have experienced, internally and externally, and to see what we can use as fuel to move us forward and what we no longer wish to carry.

As you sit and read these words ask yourself the following questions:

What has this past year taught me about myself?

What strengths can I carry forward to serve my path?

What needs to be released that no longer serves me?

It is very easy in these times to lose yourself. Personally, I felt lost as Christmas arrived last year. I felt myself standing at a cross-road not knowing which way to turn.

In that moment, feeling helpless, I paused. I breathed and I focussed my awareness solely on me. In that moment I vowed to commit to myself, to hold myself and to rewrite my story.

To rise and not fall.

I invite you now to do the same and start each day with three deep breaths and in that moment ask yourself…

What do I need today to feel nourished?

Follow with the mantra:

“My strength is greater than my struggle. I have all the power I need. I radiate strength and courage.”

Breathe and feel that energy within your heart.

Make that commitment.

Give back to yourself.

It does not have to be over-complicated, you do not need to have all of the answers or know where you’re heading and you certainly do not need a strategic masterplan. You just need to show up daily and nourish your soul in whatever way works for you and put your precious energy back into yourself. It is time to turn your wounds into portals of strength and wisdom.

Feed your roots so that you can bloom when the time is right.

Direct your energy into believing in you.

Trust and surrender to the process.

I am with you and you are not alone. Be that on the mats each week, virtually or across the ether.

Together we rise.

As we journey into this next month we will be allowing our bodies to gently awaken from their winter slumber and preparing ourselves for the arrival of Spring. I hope you can join me but if not make sure you do the same in your personal practice at home.

To all of you who are practicing with me virtually I would just like to take this moment to say thank you once again. I am truly grateful for your presence.

May you remember your innate worth, love yourself of which you deserve and enjoy this process of transformation and rebirth.

With endless love & gratitude,

Helen x

Words of Wisdom

The tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered with darkness and struggle to reach the light.

Sandra Kring

Helen Gray The Alchemy of Light