January Love Note

Happy New Year!

I hope however you spent your Christmas that you were able to relax and give back to yourself after such a turbulent year.

We arrive now in 2021 and if I am totally honest, I have never got excited about a new year but this year I think every man and his dog are ready for a fresh start!

This time of year everyone seems to put so much emphasis on resolutions and quite often these are empty, driven by the ego-mind and don’t amount to anything other than disappointment. Starting the year with lots of pressure after a year filled with pressure doesn’t make sense to me.

I always set my intentions for the forthcoming year at the Winter Solstice and then seem to retreat and nestle down trusting that all will unfold and blossom as it is meant to in Spring.

We have only just started the season of winter and this is the time to be still, to restore our energy and find solace in the colder days. Sitting in front of the log fire, drinking warming teas and hibernating.

Oh how nature teaches us so much!

Since the solstice I have been doing just that. I have taking a slower pace and taken the time to reflect over this past year, releasing the heaviness that has being weighing on my heart and feeling into how I can move forward with more clarity and purpose.

I encourage you to do the same.

Release the pressure of setting resolutions that hold no substance and move forward in a way that feels right for you.

What lights you up?


If you could do anything, what would it be?

Listen to your heart and align fully with yourself this year.

I think more than anything 2020 has taught us to not waste time on frivolous things and has highlighted more than ever what truly matters. Go into this year with all that you have learnt from the challenges of last and make this year count!

A lot has been stirring within my soul over the course of last year, beautiful ideas simmering away patiently in the background. I pondered as to whether the time is now to bring forth all that I have been working on but at present it is not.

We have had so much uncertainty (and this still remains) that I want to make sure you can count on me been steady. Over the years that is what I have strived to be – consistent and showing up regardless.

From next week you can count on me to be back on my mat ready to practice and hold space for you all and I hope that you will be able to join me.

Due to the restrictions we will still be gathering virtually and I completely agree that this is the right move for us all at this time.

Do I want to be back in the studio now?


Do I desperately want (and need) to build up my business again?

Of course!


We have to be patient.

We will be back together in the studio again.


For now we have to work with what we have and support each other so we can all get through this together.

All class dates are now up on the website and available to book for January and I have a beautiful line up of practices for you all.

Simply book as usual and you will receive your link to practice in your reminder email.

Remember that even if you cannot join us live that you will receive the replay straight after so that you can practice whenever is convenient for you.

If you have bookings for January that you transferred from last year then again you can keep these until we are back in the studio, or you can request a full refund or join me and the rest of our sangha virtually online. Just pop me an email and I will arrange promptly for you.

For now I wish you a peaceful New Year’s Day and look forward to hopefully seeing you very soon.

May 2021 bring us all much love, joy and a deeper sense of connection.

With endless love & gratitude,

Helen x