Welcome to our Sacred Grove

We are the Sisters of the Sacred Grove.

We walk the path of the Druid Priestesses, deeply aligned with the soul of our planet.

We remember the way of the Earth.

We remember the mysteries of the elemental realms.

We share freely in this space all we have remembered on our paths of Bards, Ovates & Druids in times gone by.

We welcome you within to bathe in our free offerings.

We welcome you into this community of light.

We welcome you into our Sacred Grove.

Nestled in a magickal woodland, guarded by the ancient ones dwells a secret place were great alchemy is birthed.

Around the crackling fire they sit, sharing stories of old, dancing, singing and journeying between the realms.

Within here lies a place of deep connection.

Within here lies the hallowed ground of the Sisters of the Sacred Grove.

As you weave your way to the sacred grove the Elders of the forest step forth bringing with them the wisdom of the trees, ancient animal guides and plants.

The crystal devas rise from the crystalline plateaus of old, reactivating as the ancients whisper their songs on the wind.

The fae of the three realms, of earth, sea and sky bless this path with the primordial earth mysteries hidden in plain sight.

Walk this way, open your heart and remember your relationship to the land, the lore, the cycles of Mother Earth and the magick that flows through all things.

Listen carefully for the whispers on the the wind.

Do you hear their call?

Feel the pulsing of the earth beneath your feet.

Do you feel their call?

Walk forth and take your seat beside your dearest sisters.

Invite the warmth of the fire into your heart and journey through the sacred grove once again.

Our free offerings to you:

Earth Mysteries Workbook
To support your soul work for this turn of the wheel.
A selection of ritual, divination practices, soulful invocations, journaling and blessings.

Guided Journey
Leading you deep into embodiment of the energies arising in your sacred grove for you at this time.

Soulful Playlist
To support the integration of the Earth Mysteries presenting as we make our way to the next turn of the wheel.

Check out these free offerings below that we have available for you to explore.

Free Offerings

earth mysteries workbook

Earth Mysteries Workbook

guided journey

Guided Journey

soulful playlist

Soulful Playlist

Song of the Sacred Grove

Enter the Sacred Grove
And rest a while here,
Fill up your senses
With your remembrances
Of your primordial nature.

Enter the Sacred Grove
And meet us here,
Learn from our knowing
Our wisdom and our grace,
Of your shamanic source codes.

Enter the Sacred Grove
And come to know us here,
Remember what you already know.
Ignite your senses with
The inner magick that will
Reawaken here.

Enter the Sacred Grove
Everything you have ever been resides here,
Your earthen truths, your oracular sight
Your world teacher’s wisdom.
All you will become is born from here.

Enter the Sacred Grove
And rest a while here.

“Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.” - Herman Hesse