The Whispers of Quan Yin


An invitation to rest into the lotus of your own heart, receiving the whispers of the Great Mother of Compassion. Receive the healing nectar and light of beloved Quan Yin to bring harmony and balance to all layers of your being and support you on your path at this present moment in time.

You will receive your reading within 28 days of purchase. This will include an audio of the whispers of Quan Yin and any images of the oracle or tarot cards pulled.

Your reading may include channelled meditation, activation, channelled guidance and oracle or tarot card pulls. Each reading is different, perfectly aligned with your truth in that moment.

You also get the opportunity of email support following your reading where you can ask up to five questions and receive further guidance from Helen.

Disclaimer: All readings are given for your personal enjoyment only. It is down to the individual to interpret the messages given and received, and make their own choices based on that. Our services are not intended to treat or diagnose any pre-existing conditions. Please seek guidance from a medical professional if this is the case.

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