Roselight Grids


Roselight Grids
This service is offered distantly, an alternative thread of Roselight Healing, a stewardship over the soul body, held by the healing grace of the Ascended Ones.

This sacred offering gifts you with a modality that goes straight to the core of any holding, block or wounding, exposing the truth, releasing all that restricts the flow of the soul. Revealing the treasures of truth that lie beneath.

This comes in the form of a bespokely attuned healing grid, tended to daily for the duration of the purchase. You are gifted seven days of intensive, aligned healing, a morning message from your grid of Roselight and the beings that are overseeing it.

Rachael will be on hand, walking beside you as you navigate the truths that arise, tending to the flow and clarity of your grid throughout the seven days.

Grids may include crystals, plants, shells, fossils, essences, essential oils, an overseeing presence(s) and anything else Rachael is guided to attune into your grid be that a sacred chant, toning or light language.

You will receive your healing within 28 days of purchase.


Disclaimer: All readings & healings are given for your personal enjoyment only. It is down to the individual to interpret the messages given and received, and make their own choices based on that. Our services are not intended to treat or diagnose any pre-existing conditions. Please seek guidance from a medical professional if this is the case.