Rose Reiki


Day & Location: Distantly or In-Person at The Silver Moon in Hornsea.

Time: 1 Hour Session

Rose Reiki
This modality was gifted by Ishtara Rose to which Rachael is attuned. It is a gentle yet potent healing that imbues the body with the geometry of the Rose, balancing each chakra point and meridian channel. It is soothing, nourishing and restorative in nature gifting the vessel the rest and realignment it may need due to a busy and demanding life.

You will receive your healing if booked distantly within 28 days of purchase. Rachael will be in touch upon purchase to arrange in-person sessions and will send the Calendly link to book. These sessions will be held on varying days throughout the Summer. Please get in touch directly for further details.


Disclaimer: All readings & healings are given for your personal enjoyment only. It is down to the individual to interpret the messages given and received, and make their own choices based on that. Our services are not intended to treat or diagnose any pre-existing conditions. Please seek guidance from a medical professional if this is the case.



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Distant Healing Session, In-Person Healing Session