Past Life Reading


This reading offers you the opportunity to access the most pertinent lifetime that is rising to be witnessed and communed with. Rachael will draw in the information you most need to know and through the intuitive flow of the time streams she will guide you into either retrieval, transmutation or deep healing across all layers of your being.

You may poise your own questions about what has come into your awareness; you can come with a burning desire to know about a particular lifetime be it Lemuria, Atlantis, Avalon or another; or you can simply flow with what the great Akasha wishes you to know to serve you in this now moment.

You will receive:

– Sacred space where you will be safe and you will be held.
– 1 hour via Zoom or remotely to receive your reading.
– Photos will be sent of any cards pulled.
– A recording of any Zoom session will be emailed.
– The opportunity to ask up to 5 follow up questions via email.

Disclaimer: All readings are given for your personal enjoyment only. It is down to the individual to interpret the messages given and received, and make their own choices based on that. Our services are not intended to treat or diagnose any pre-existing conditions. Please seek guidance from a medical professional if this is the case.

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