Halls of Amenti Reading


Within the crystalline weave of your soul stream lies the great etheric gateway that invites access into the 5D and beyond, for those familiar with akashic information this is a higher dimensional space where our source records are stored.

The intergalactic records of our multidimensional form.

Through opening to multidimensional frequencies of light and commitment to deep soul work, we are all able to access these high frequency records stored in our Hall of Amenti.

It is all about vibration, flow and commitment to keeping our frequencies high through soulful practices, exposure to energy healings that call to our soul and living in the truest alignment with your heart’s calling.

The dear divine light of the God Anubis guides our path if we feel the call to step into alignment with the Halls of Amenti and the Temples of Time, he holds the way.

This reading offers attuning energies to the frequency of these halls and temples.

Insight into the soul gifts that are held their in divine perfection awaiting your soul’s activation points, and Amentian information to guide you forward on your soul’s journey.

You will receive your reading within 28 days of purchase. This will include an audio of your higher guidance and images of any oracle or tarot cards pulled, essences, essential oils or liquid crystal elders transmitted.

Your reading may include channelled meditation, activation from your Higher Self, channelled guidance and oracle or tarot card pulls. Each session is different, perfectly aligned with your truth in that moment.

You also get the opportunity of email support following your reading where you can ask up to five questions and receive further guidance from Rachael.

Disclaimer: All readings are given for your personal enjoyment only. It is down to the individual to interpret the messages given and received, and make their own choices based on that. Our services are not intended to treat or diagnose any pre-existing conditions. Please seek guidance from a medical professional if this is the case.