Welcome to Goddess Channelled Readings

A space in which you can connect to the Goddess energy that is rising within you at this time. A sacred temple space within that opens to welcome in the higher guidance of the Goddess.

At the heart of the primordial goddess lies the wisdom of ages, a divine conduit linking us to all that has been, all that is and all that will be. The Goddess pulses through all things revealing the mysteries locked within. As we tap into this incredible vortex of power we connect with the truth at the heart of life as we know it.

As the Goddess steps forth for you, we open to receive her wisdom. We both hold these divine feminine codes within us and are guided by our inner relationships to her of 10,000 names to offer this sacred service.

We will bring through a direct channel, personal to you using any tools of divination she calls us to tap into. This may be oracle or tarot cards, runes or Ogham, or crystal devas. Each channeled reading is done distantly and is unique, solely aligned with your energies in the moment.

A Goddess channeled reading is an opening, an invitation from your heart to the divine mothers to receive that which will serve your highest soul growth.

As you enter into this you will feel deeply as the Goddess unlocks her ancient codes of awakening within you. She will ask you to let go and surrender, trusting fully into yourself as you step into a higher expression of who you came here to be.

You may feel deep emotional release and this is perfectly normal as she rebuilds you into your truest form. Be really gentle with yourself, give yourself time to process and digest what is being asked of you.

You will only receive that which your soul is asking for, so lean into all your self-care practices as she activates through your life.

You will receive:

A beautiful write up or recorded video within 14 days of purchase

A PDF guidebook on how to set sacred space

Follow up Q&A to support integration if desired*

Basic Reading

Trinity Spread

Full Goddess Download

“The Goddess has never been lost. It is just some of us have forgotten how to find her.” - Patricia Monaghan